Datça Villa Asina

Datça /Mugla

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Asina Sokak, with its special design takes you to our Mediterranean atrium by going through our small hotel. You arrived feeling warm and you settled in our garden after delivering your luggage to smiling personnel to get relieved of your tiredness of travel, and you sip your ice-cold drink watching Simi and Mediterranean. You passed through our lobby, each and every corner full of surprises, and went up your gleaming spotless room, prepared just for you, one of seventeen, each and every one decorated different from the other to change your clothes.. You put on your swimming outfits, and jumped into our pool shadowing by the palms on the green grass. When you are striking you had the feeling that you are swimming in the sea. You are on a hill, but you are as if in the sea, and you are also at the same eye level. At five o’clock tea time, the smell of the delicious cookies and biscuits, offered by Asina Restaurant,Asevi spread into the garden. These odors mingle into the light breeze and take you to the past, to the houses of the relatives that you know so well, and then take you back today, to your holiday, to Villa Asina... As the continuation of the pleasure of the afternoon, you strolled down to Liman street or maybe to the sea. At dinner Mr. Bülent’s meticulously prepared dining tables of fish are waiting for you. After dinner if you lay down on the chaise do not even try to attempt to remember the map of the stars, because right now it is blinking to you from high in the skies, you can read them individually, they are so lucid and brilliant. Both the endless pleasure of the night and also the welcoming of the morning that greets the sun is very beautiful in our garden. If you wish to retire to your room that unites with the meaning of its name, have a good night you all and wish you those familiar dreams.......




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    Standing on a cliff facing the Mediterranean Sea and the Greek Island Simi ; Datça Villa Asina is a place to ascape for everone from the chaos of daily life ...

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    We have been chosen to be one of the 10 best boutique hotels in Turkey on the Hurriyet Seyahat by travel writers on 30th of June 2012 . And we have won the Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor for 2012.

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    Datça /Mugla

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    Charming Boutique

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    Standard room prices for season 2012 for a double is £80  ,for a corner double room is £95  and for a special double room is £120