Tas Otel

Izmir, Turkey

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This historic, 120-year-old Greek mansion opened as a hotel back in 2001 following sensitive renovations that have preserved the building’s signature white-washed stonework (Tas).

Consisting of just seven rooms, the Tas Hotel is all about intimacy. The owners kept the home’s original floorplan, with the result that each room is a different size and shape. All are cosy and uncluttered with a cultivated feel: pine doors and ceilings, handmade lace curtains, bulky, antique mirrored wardrobes. The bathrooms, in contrast, are modern and not a little luxurious.

The garden is one of the hotels’s key treats. Resting amidst the bouganvillea vines, palm and cypress trees and beds of colourful flowers (geraniums, lavender), time is suspended, allowing guests to enjoy nature’s vivid embrace.

The garden also plays a large role in creating the marvellous “grandma-style” experience of the hotel’s kitchen, as fruits get pulped into jam, olives transformed into oils, and lemons squeezed into refreshing lemonade. (Needless to say, the breakfasts are both abundant and fresh, featuring no less than five varieties of homemade jam).

Even in winter the hotel makes for a wonderful stay thanks to a welcoming open fireplace, and the welcoming, familial atmosphere enhanced by the presence of the hotel’s friendly Golden Retriever the official Tas hotel mascot.

Since Tas is positioned near the small town of Alacati, one of the ten most beautiful towns in Turkey (the hotel’s owner, Ms. Zeynep Özi is one of the founders of the Alaçatı Preservation Society), you can explore the town’s collection of stone houses, dine in the restaurants or try out a spot of wind surfing.

In fact the hotel lies right at the end of a pedestrian street that thrives with good quality restaurants, bars and craft shops, and it’s just a quick drive (3km) to one of the region’s fabulous seaside beaches. If azure waters and sandy coastlines aren’t your thing then simply make use the hotel pool (5m by 10m) or render yourself supine on the large veranda.



HOTEL Detail

  • Summary:

    The first hotel de charm in Alacati

  • Property Type:

    Small Hotel

  • Feature:

    A renovated 120 years old greek mansion

  • Location:

    Izmir, Turkey

  • Star Rating:

    Small Hotel

  • Nearest Airport:

    İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport

  • Location and Transfer

    Alacatı is located 70 km.

  • Price

    From 105 Euros