Visa & Passport

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The requirements to enter Turkey differ depending on where you call home. Citizens of the U.S. will need to buy a $29USD single-entry visa for stays of up to 3 months. Canadian citizens pay $60USD for a multiple-entry visa that’s good for 90 days.

U.K. citizens pay £10 on entry or £50 in advance for a multiple-entry visa that’s good for 3 months. Australians have to hand over a $68USD entry fee, while citizens of New Zealand pay nothing. It’s generally more expensive to buy a visa in advance, and it’s easy enough to take care of at customs as you enter the country (just be sure to have the cash with you).

Working visas, called çalışma vizesi, on the other hand, should be obtained before you leave home. You must apply in person at least two months ahead of your departure date at a Turkish embassy or consulate, where you’ll have to supply your passport, a headshot, and proof of employment. You’ll also have to pay a fee, which differs depending on your home country.

They’ll keep your passport while processing your application, but it should make its way back to you by the time you leave. Inside will be your visa, but your work isn’t done. If your employer hasn’t applied for your “pink book,” the final legal step in the process, you have to apply yourself.

Head to a mniyet müdürlüğü (security police) office and be prepared for more application hoops: you’ll have to bring your passport, 5 copies of your headshot, and pay another fee. It takes a few days, but it’s good for a year and renewable as long as you continue working. These rules are subject to change, so check here for the latest: