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Kas and Kalkan are just 20 minutes apart, both sitting on the dramatic rocky Mediterranean coastline. Tours in the area often include both towns, though their personalities are quite disparate. Kas began as a popular hippie spot in the psychedelic era, but has grown into a yachting destination and resort beach town.

Despite a rise in tourism, Kas has remained charming. Its cobblestone streets of cafes and shops are built around Antiphellos, the ancient town that once stood here. All that’s left is a few rock tombs, a Greek theater, and a sarcophagus decorated with four lions’ heads at the end of one shopping street. The beaches here aren’t great,  but the views over the cliffs are fantastic.

 Kas is also a great base for outdoors enthusiasts who seek adventures in the surrounding mountains. Glass bottom boat rides launch from Kas and Kalkan to several archaeological sites in the sea. Homes and ancient city walls are visible below the crystal waters. Kalkan, just 25km away, is also a cobblestone street, waterfront resort town.

The resorts here aren’t big and flashy; they’re quiet, with a boutique, intimate feel. Many of Kalkan’s old cottages have been remade into shops and restaurants, retaining their historical charm. It’s notably absent of commercialized stores, specializing more in authentic, local goods. Tourists looking to take home an artisan rug or ceramics will be in heaven here.

The coast area around Kalkan is considered one of the most scenic in Turkey, and buses and taxis run up and down. There are also plenty of opportunities for world-class scuba diving and snorkeling from Kalkan, though there’s not much of a beach here. Kalkan’s nightlife is not as lively as Kas, though there are a handful of discos.