Golfing and Cross Golf

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Golf & Cross Golf Turkey is home to some of Europe’s—and the world’s—best (and most popular) golf courses. Most of them are clustered in Belek, in the Antalya region to the south, where a temperate climate and very low rainfall make it an ideal golfing destination (note that winters here are mild, though late summer can get pretty hot).

Belek currently hosts 10 championship golf courses, with plans for at least the same amount again, all built with stunning views of the sea or the mountains. All together, the region has 16 courses, and hosts around 50 golf tournaments annually – in other words, this is a golfer’s paradise. Many of the courses are tied to 5-star DB130726105930 resorts, and guests can purchase discounted golf packages when they book a stay.

Others are within easy access, with hotels usually providing transportation. While Istanbul isn’t quite the golfing destination Belek is, there are courses in the country’s largest city, too. The Istanbul Golf Club, in the northern part of the city, is the oldest in the country and the fourth oldest in Europe. Cross Golf is a growing sport in Turkey, especially in Cappadocia, a region in the country’s interior.

Similar to traditional golf it doesn’t involve manmade courses and players aim for a goal rather than a hole. Traditional golf clubs are used, though the game is less formal—dress codes aren’t required and you’re not playing at a “club.” The game is billed as environmentally friendly, as it takes place in the natural landscape and eliminates much of the environmental impact associated with watering and fertilizing traditional golf courses. Cappadocia provides an interesting backdrop for the game, with its bizarre rock formations and stark surroundings.