Health & Spa

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Turkey is dotted with natural thermal pools that have been reformed into plush spas. In Pamukkale, the white travertine pools, which are naturally hot, have attracted visitors since Roman times. Nearby in Karahayit there are more thermal pools, many of which are attached to hotels.

A visit to Termal, a nice ferry ride across the Sea of Marmara from Istanbul, makes a nice side trip. The resort was popularized by both the Romans and the Ottoman sultans, and has indoor pools as well as outdoors. Cekirge, next to Bursa, is full of hotels with thermal pools. In Kangal, you can swim with fish who will happily relieve you of your dead skin. Sultaniye, on the shores of Köycegiz Lake, is home to mud baths, and Ayder is a beautiful town in the mountains of eastern Turkey, making it an ideal spot to relax in the hot pools here.

Yoga retreats are becoming popular in Turkey, too. Many tour companies offer packaged yoga retreats to various locations across the country. In addition, most of the DB130726105930 hotels around Turkey offer spa packages, even if they’re not attached to a natural pool.