Yachting & Adventure

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Sailing the Turkish coast is one of the best ways to experience the country and appreciate its natural beauty at the same time. Whether you sail here yourself or charter a boat upon your arrival, you’re in for a treat. The country has over 8,000 kilometers of coastline to explore, and harbors in seaside towns up and down the coast.

It’s a popular way to travel, so just about any city you want to dock in will be able to accommodate you if you plan in advance. For those travelers who come to Turkey sans boat, there are plenty of options. Companies throughout the country offer rental yachts. You’ll have the option of chartering a private yacht complete with a full crew, and though many companies have suggested itineraries, you usually have the option of planning your own route.

If you’re willing to work for your adventure, most companies offer what’s called “bare-boat charter” opportunities, in which the company provides the boat and an experienced skipper, but whoever you bring aboard is expected to help sail, too. Various boat types and sizes are available. Turkey has something for every type of adventure traveler.

From kayaking to mountain biking, diving and canyoning, it’s easy to find a company offering travel packages or an opportunity for a DIY excursion. Treks into the Kackar Mountains, climbs up Mount Ararat, and other volcano treks are popular with the mountain climbing crowd, while Antalya and Kas provide easy access to canyon country.

There are also scores of rafting companies offering trips of various lengths, jeep safaris into the forests, and road cycling tours around the country.